chellszz said: Hey, my bunny doesn't want to get picked up, or be cuddled. She just wants to be pet thats all. Any tips to helpme get her picked up wit out her scratching me and make me look like i want to commit suicide xD love ur blog btw xx

hi!One of my bunnies (Zekeke) is also acting that way.You have to accept that not all bunnies want to cuddle.Just like people,there are a lot of sorts of bunnies.Most of them wants to cuddle,but not all of them.If your bunny is baby,you can try to socialize can help you with that.let him see that you just want to play with him,that you aren’t his enemy.If you got him in past few days then bunny probably isnt used to new home patient, if bunny is older one,then you have to accept him and understand that it is in his genes.But dont give up instantly,spend more tim with him than usual,give him food straight from your hand,cuddle his nose with your nose ( haha that is the way bunnies feel protected) but not impulsively.If you are calm in interaction with bunny,then he wouldnt be scared either :)) I dont know if this will help you,but that is what I learned while having Zekeke for 5 years. Thank you! I hope that is just a phase in your bunny and that he will love to cuddle in future <3 


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